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Fusionforge tasks integration in the activity project tab

Fusionforge new feature: add a already published document to a release.

Fusionforge new feature in Tracker : “Votes”. You can now vote for your prefered issues. An easy way to prioritize issues. Thank to Evolvis for the development. Initial patch available¬† here

Fusionforge phpcaptcha plugin activation in the sendmessage.php page.

New TrivialDev Business Cards

#Fusionforge Widgets Custom Layout, based on jQuery.

First, setup your custom layout. Here 2 rows, first with 4 columns, second with one column. Then select yours widgets and reorganize using drag & drop.

Open World Forum 2013 Edition. The very start, just before the opening Cocktail at French Paris City Hall @OpenWorldForum

Fusionforge phpcaptcha plugin integration into register page.

#Fusionforge #TrivialDev Project Task Gantt jQuery Teamwork integration. A lot to be done especially css.

#Fusionforge first preview integration of teamwork javascript gantt library ( based on jQuery)