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New File Release System Permission Settings:

Per package, you can delegate permissions on file, release or full package administration. For the FRS module, you can now disable access, read access or get full administration permission.

Fusionforge tasks integration in the activity project tab

Fusionforge new feature: add a already published document to a release.

Fusionforge new feature in Tracker : “Votes”. You can now vote for your prefered issues. An easy way to prioritize issues. Thank to Evolvis for the development. Initial patch available¬† here

Fusionforge phpcaptcha plugin activation in the sendmessage.php page.

New TrivialDev Business Cards

#Fusionforge Widgets Custom Layout, based on jQuery.

First, setup your custom layout. Here 2 rows, first with 4 columns, second with one column. Then select yours widgets and reorganize using drag & drop.

Open World Forum 2013 Edition. The very start, just before the opening Cocktail at French Paris City Hall @OpenWorldForum

Fusionforge phpcaptcha plugin integration into register page.

#Fusionforge #TrivialDev Project Task Gantt jQuery Teamwork integration. A lot to be done especially css.